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Sanding floors in Watford School | Floor Sanding Watford

Currently, a wooden floor seems to be the best option for many commercial premises. It’s actually pretty common in malls, stores, hotels, restaurants, museums, gyms, sports clubs, etc. The list of assets a wooden base can provide is considerable: it’s practical, hygienic; maintenance is effortless, it adds value to the building and makes the atmosphere easy-going and pleasant. The stability and natural beauty of the wood are incomparable to any other types of flooring. Wood looks spectacular; it’s prestigious and makes personnel and visitors feel welcome into a friendly atmosphere. What’s more, it fulfils any health and safety stimulation there might be.

These are just the most substantial benefits of commercial wooden flooring, which confirm how profitable it is to make such an investment in the short and the long run. By all means, it requires regular maintenance, so it can keep its characteristics, as timber inevitably wears out with time. Hiding a ruined wooden floor under a carpet isn’t a solution, so you better start looking for some professional sanding companies. Their work transforms and restores the floors, revealing their true potential. It’s smarter to trust an expert to deal with any renovation work, especially when large-scale projects are at stake.

Generally, business owners hire a professional company to tackle the sanding assignment, mainly because of the scale of the task. In addition, achieving uniform layers on bigger surfaces is not an easy matter for timber in general, it’s tricky for both parquet, solid wood, etc, therefore so it’s best to avoid amateurs’ work and find yourself an expert.

Sanding includes the following phases:

  • Removing the current cover layer of sealant back to bare wood.
  • Smoothing and evening the surface
  • Staining, to manage the colour customer has chosen
  • Final finishing and sealing, to create a protective coat, against environmental influences.

Hiring the professionals from Floor Sanding Watford is the best choice for you and here’s why:

  • We have many years of experience in the wood transformation field; have a look at our portfolio to see for yourself some beautifully transformed wooden floors currently resembling a piece of art. We deal with all kinds of timber, no matter the current condition, colour, etc. We’ve been hired to work on both domestic and commercial projects, by many families, corporate clients, etc.
  • We work fast and make the entire procedure as easy-going as the surface allows. We know firsthand time is money; all our customers are in a hurry, requiring their daily routine to be resumed soon as possible. We really invest a lot of efforts to hardly disturb and be in and out, however, the drying period required for stains and lacquers, for example, can’t be just skipped. In order to come up with a schedule as flexible as possible, we take overnight and weekend shifts, when needed.
  • We provide free first and assessment of the field plus a detailed consult to discuss the restoration process. We provide samples of materials and products we use, so you can choose the best option for you.
  • We offer attractive discounts for big projects.

To sum up, if you’d like to save yourself some serious stress and efforts and take care of your floor, call us right away, get a free quotation from the source. Contact us at 020 70360625.

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