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You feel some difficulties to understand the specific terms and topics related to the wood flooring and the restoration process? This section is our way to share experience with you. Here you will be able to learn just as much as you want to, with no unnecessary information. You have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from the people that work every day on different projects, with variety of wood species. They will explain everything you want to know in a simple way, so you will have no longer difficulties to understand it.

Sometimes the problem may require additional inspection, and we might not be able to help you from distance, but don't worry we won't leave you in trouble. In this case you will be able to contact with our customer support to book an obligation free site visit and our surveyor will be able to give you more information.

No matter what kind of issue your flooring has, you are always welcome to get in touch for advice. Our craftsmen will give precise answer to all of your questions but it may take some time, so please be patient.