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About Us

Wood flooring is beautiful, hygienic, eco-friendly and long-lasting and there is nothing to not enjoy having a wooden instalment in your domestic or business premises. Well, except everyone hates the wood floor sanding service, which is crucial every few years, depending on the condition of the floor and its age. Of course, sanding is known for being messy and untidy, expensive, time-consuming and monotonous, in conclusion – an overall negative experience. At Floor Sanding Watford we also hate the idea of the above-described sanding and that is the reason one day we just discussed our ideas and when we found out they can, in fact, work pretty well, we decided to make them happen. Now we are proud to be able to offer a new generation wood floor sanding service, which can satisfy not only the requirements of the project and the needs of the floor, but also your demands for timely, affordable and overall pleasant service, you haven’t expected a sanding service is able to promise!

Every flooring company will tell you, you can just sit back and relax until the technicians work at full steam. And usually, you imagine a couple of days to just relax and enjoy not having tasks, finally ending up like taking control over the workflow and strictly monitoring the specialists’ work. Well, we get why you are more than unhappy when the time for hiring a sanding workforce has come! Cheer up, because you have a true, disciplined, experienced and well-organised specialist in the face of Floor Sanding Watford! We promise not only flawless results, but we promise also a positive experience.

What we specialise in and offer with the leading name’s confidence are solid wood, engineered wood and parquet floor sanding. We will get rid of all the imperfections, which drive you crazy, making sure the floor is in perfect condition to last you forever. We will create a perfectly smooth and sleek surface, which will impress everyone and draw clients in. We will get the effect desired and ensure it will last for decades. We will make your ideas and desires come true. And we will make that in no time, for an amazing price and with a lot of expert advice included. Be sure to contact us if you are in need of a reliable company for:

  • Solid wood floor sanding
  • Engineered wood floor sanding
  • Parquet floor sanding
  • Commercial floor sanding
Wood floor restoration done precisely | Floor Sanding Watford